Day One: Loki

Dearest Uncle. I hope that in this month that I can show you each and everyday how much I love you and the rest of my family. This is your month. I will get though this. I think that I will once I am able to prove to myself I can do this. Will choose a one person or two people a month to honor. For this month while it is yours is shared by others- family gets time  here too.

Short words for you Uncle.

Word smith, lover of words and how they flow.
Teach me how to speak well.
Teach me how to weave a web of words.
Teach me how to enchant verbally.
Teach me how to know when to speak out.
Teach me when it is best to be silent.
Word smith lastly, teach me how to Listen.

This month is for you Uncle and for the family. It is mostly your month though!


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