Day Four: Loki

I honoring am honoring Loki and his family. I have always honored them. I do not talk about it. Why? Honoring Loki can get one into not only verbal trouble but other types of trouble. I have not gotten into any thus far. Though I have been told to be silent about whom I honored. Be silent?

Loki is important to me. I am upfront about whom I honor. I am dual trad I am a Celt Norse. I have said this before. My blood lines are Celt and Norse. So the Celt and the Norse gods call me.

Loki is one of my primary gods. I love this god. He is a great healer of those who has been broken. I now think he is a BIG reason why I have this insane need to help out the broken and hurt people.  I mean that. I feel an insane need to help people. To help them heal. To help them fly again.

My only thing is when I help I drain myself. I need to learn how to help and not drain myself. I do not have my Uncle’s strength. That does not mean I do not want to help. I want to help. I want to help all the world’s outcasts. Which is one of the biggest reasons I am one of Loki’s children. I am a healer. At least I try and be a healer.

Give me the strength to help others
Give me the ability to find a way
Give me the strength to help myself
As I help others find their strength
To pick up their lives
To heal their wounds
To find themselves able to pick up their lives
Move on and pick up actually living


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