Day 5: Thoughts on what Loki does

Loki the great change bringer.
The shatterer of long held illusions.
The one who brings forth change.
Change that is often times unasked for, but needed.
The one who brings light to the skeletons in the closet.
The one who tears away the excuses.
He who lays all bare.


Recently in the news a prominent heathen has fallen. He is accused of some beastly things. Only time and the legal system will figure this one out. He this fallen one is one of those who has openly harassed those that follow Loki.

I know on his Kindred’s forum I was harassed. Not only for following Loki and his family but also in choosing a Japanese name for my forum handle. I choose Arashi it means storm. Storm has been a nick name for a long time. That upset me. No one should have to explain why any god has chosen them. Explain that? Are you kidding me? Really? Are we that full of pride to think that we know why which god chooses which followers?

That was one of the things that made me stop going on their forum. I have used their library and downloaded a bunch of books. A tool is a tool no matter who makes it.

I have figured out why Loki has picked me. I am a healer or at least I try to be. I enjoy helping others. Helping them heal. I will go beyond my means to help. I will reach beyond my strength to help them. I am a healer of the lost souls. The hurt ones. The misfits. I try my best to heal them all. To let them know they are loved.

My only question is who heals the healer? Who shelters the healer?

I have found the answer: Loki he does this.

Thank you Uncle. I love you and I will continue to do the work of a healer on this world. Keep sending them my way.


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