Day 10 Loki

Taking a small break from Loki to talk of one of his four sons; Fenris the wolf. I have a poem that is coming to mind for him. So I will write that first than my thoughts on Fenris.


They say you are a monster
I just do not see it
You are a wolf
You are a man
You are yourself
You can find me anywhere
As we travel together
As we walk down that road on our journey together
I find myself talking to you
Telling you about my hopes
my dreams
You smile in your tall lean man form
Hugging me to you
We walk
Sitting in the edge of a lake
We look over it
Others see you as an evil monster
Some just see a monster that is neither good nor evil
A being that just is
I see you as my kin
You are my friend and my love
We sit and talk about dreams, hopes and asperations
We talk about power and who wants it
We talk about how people use words
How imporant words are to people
You smile again
I smile back
We are bound together

Fenris has been with me a long time. He is almost always next to me. He is a friend. A companion. A defender. He loves so deeply. Those that he gives his love to. He and I have ‘talked’ about Tyr. He bares no ill toward the other man. He is not angry with him at all. He loves Tyr. Though he has impressed upon me that he was at first bitterly angry at the betrayal by Tyr.

His binding happened before I was born. I used to go look at him. He said that surprised him. For he was so angry than. Yet here I was so small and tiny compared to him. He said I toddled over to him once when he stopped thrashing around to stand in front of him. He said he could tell I was scared but not really of him. He said that I touched what was binding him and I cried. He remembers laying down and letting me closer to him. He stole my lunch from me and I snuggled in his fur.

His fur has this musky cinnamon smell.

I remember hearing Uncle, “Oh that is where she toddled off too.” I felt myself lifted from Fenris and I opened my eyes and my Uncle stood there and looked at me and than his son. “You did nto eat her.” Fenris growled at him. Loki laughed. “I see you recognized her than.” He growled again. Loki looked down at me. “Time to go home Little Trouble, Dad is visiting today.” As Uncle walked away I looked over his shoulder and watched Fenris.

He watched me. I reached for him. He reached for me. One day I thought to myself he would be free. I hoped that by than I could defuse that anger he held in himself. He deserved better, they all deserve better. I will heal this. I will. Stubbornness runs in the family blood line. So I will do it, no matter what.


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