Loki Day 13

Picture is by: sandara

Loki’s Bindings did they happen? Did they not happen? Was it a completely made up story? Or a refection on other bound god mythos?  Those are thoughts that run though my head. than I think of the pain he went though. The pain Sygins went though. That they both endured that angers me. I mean that. Both of them were in pain. He was over the poison when she had to wander away to dump the poison. The poison dripped on his face. She endured the poison as well. As the bowel got more full of the poison it would drip, drizzle over the side and her hands would be burned with it. This poem is for Sygins.


Growing heavy in my hands
I watch the serpent’s mouth salvate
The poison that it created was harsh
I could smell it burning the bowl in my hands
I look into the eyes of my beloved
The poison touches my hands
I almost drop the bowl
“Empty it love”
I look at him
Once again wishing that the bowl had no bottom
He sees the pain I know my eyes are showing
His voice has a note of command.
I leave quickly to dump the poison
I hear him scream out
My heart bleeds
We repeat this patten
Day in and day out
Until one day
I go to dump the poison
I hear nothing
No scream
I rush back in
Fearing the worst
He is still bound
The serpent his tormentor is gone
I walk over to him.
“I don’t know”
I set my bowl down
Fling myself on his chest
“I love you.”
I look at him biding that my eyes speak
For I am at a loss of words


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