Loki Day 16

I sit here and I think of all the things Loki can do. There is no limit. Really no limit, why would he or any of them be limited? That makes no sense. It is like talking about binding. How do you bind gods? Gods can only be bound with the souls of those they love dearly and without question.

Love is both a binding emotion and a freeing emotion. It can lift us up or cause us to fall fast and hard without mercy. Love is all and nothing. Love is choice. Love is love.

What has Loki taught about Love? He taught me that love knows no age, color, creed, or sex. He taught me just to give love freely and if it is received well so be it. If it is not received well than so be it.

So today i show my fellows in this world that I love them. I accept the fact that they might not love me back or in the way I want to be loved but that I can love them.


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