Loki 18

Today I think I will focus on Hel. She is one that people don’t seem to pay attention to. She plays and important role. She is a death goddess that takes care of the Norse Underworld- Helheim. This is her home. She gets all those that do not die in battle. She gets the ones that die of old age. The one’s that die from being sick. The ones that die from accidents. Anyone who did not die in battle goes to Hel’s realm.

Death Maiden

Deep in the metaphysical earth
You sit on your thorne
Over looking all that come to you
The dead, the honored dead
They come to your table
They stay in your realm
Until such a time that they are reborn
You know their stories
You sing their songs
History is something you remember
The history of each and every soul that has crossed your path
You know them better than they know themselves
You are their judge
Their jury
You read their verdict
You decide if they are worthy of rest
Or if they still have a lesson they need to learn before
They are reborn on the earth
You are as much a prisoner
As both your bothers
Though your prison is much larger than theirs
Death is who you are
Death is what you rule over
You can appear as a beautiful maiden
You can appear as a scary unearthly maiden
You are whom you are
You are Death


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