Thoughts- Monthy devotions 2013

Starting in February I will be joining a few others in honor the Goddess Sigyn for the month of February. Each day I will post diffrent thoughts, poems or music that reminds me of the goddess. This should help me step up my honoring of my gods.

February: Sigyn

March: Morrigan

April: Thor

May: Brighid

June: Odin

July: Oghma

August: Freya

September: Dagda

October: Fenris

November: Aoibheall

December: Mani/Sunna

I think that will do it. It will change from year to year. It will have too. There are a lot of gods to honor.



What I do, day one.

When I wake up I take a few moments and allow myself to fully wake. I stretch in bed. Say hello to my cats. All of which think the bed is there for them to sleep on and not me. The first thing I do is say good morning to my spiritual friends and loved ones. During the day I can to many different things to honor them. Yet my closing thing at night is to say good night and that I love them.

Each day here I want to add a new something to the normal wake up and go to sleep talking to them thing. This will be edited as the day goes on. 🙂

EDIT-Add-On @ 2:30pm:

I also thank them though-out the day. For the little things, like my steaming cup of tea. Or the small glass of soda that I indulged in. I like to do “I am grateful” things out loud.

Some of the things I am grateful for today: waking up, warm bed in a warm house, good friends, people that love me for being me,  and the strength to carry on and go after my dream.

EDIT: They want me starting tomorrow to do a god a day from either the Norse or Celtic (Irish)… O_O I will do this. I think they want me to start being better about researching and learning…. I also think they are trying to give me a HUGE headache with college coming back to being open. If they want it I will do my best. This is going to be a juggernaut.


Ok I moved all my blogger posts over here. Now that I have my journals all gathered up but my LJ not moving that. Do Not feel like it.

This is where I will blog about my pagan faith. My goal is to write about my practices everyday. I cannot seem to create habits. So my goal is to write in this journal about my faith every day. Even if it is something small.