Sigyn Day One

Today is the first day of the send month of this new year. Imbolic is celebrated and I start my thoughts on a goddess that there is not much ‘lore’ on. This month I am exploring my thoughts feelings and what not for this goddess. What I have learned from her.

Sigyn you are a goddess that most do not understand. You have great lessons you can teach if only people would listen. What do you teach or at least what lessons do I think in my small understanding that you teach.

Sigyn teaches us to have faith.

Sigyn teaches us to be loyal.

Sigyn teaches us to love, unconditionally.

Sigyn teaches us forgiveness.

Sigyn teaches us hidden strength.

Sigyn teaches us compassion.

Sigyn teaches us happiness.

She teaches so many things. How to see the world in a way that is not jaded. The world is new  everyday for her and it should be for us too. She shows us that adventure can be had even in our own back yards.

She is amazing her love is endless. She heals with her loving. Heals broken jaded souls.

I am not sure what else to say.

Sigyn teach the world how to love without strings it is a lesson sorely needed amongst mankind.

Thank you Sigyn for your lessons even if I cannot speak of them all.


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