Sigyn’s day three

Sigyn she is a goddess with many forms. I am going to talk about the one’s I have seen. These are my thoughts. My UPG. ::shrugs:: There is not a lot of historical record on a lot of these goddess/gods. So I am going with how I feel and what I have seen.

Sigyn as Child.

She appears like this one a lot. The charming golden haired one. Full of laughter. Joy at life. The budding of youthfulness. She teaches us how to embrace our own Inner Child, the child we have abandoned, left behind in our pursuit of being adults. If we listen to her, we can re-embrace that part of ourselves. We can become fuller people. Only if we listen.

Sigyn’s as young woman.

Here she is the one who captured Loki completely. She is beautiful. She is kind. She has a strength most do not see but Loki. She is full of Innocent Love, not yet jaded by the world. She is in full bloom of young womanhood. She also in this form teaches us Innocent Joy. How to enjoy our youth. Happiness and how it is not tied up in things but in Loving.

Sigyn’s as Mother.

Here she shows where her faith and devotion come to play. She shows us a mother’s strength and a mothers unquestioning Love for her children, her family. She shows us the caretaker, taking care of life and her world.

Sigyn’s as bowl barer.

Strength, this is her true lesson. She shows so much of it. Strength of character, she dose not leave Loki. Strength of spirit, she keeps doing what little she can to help her husband even as she is morning the loss of her sons by him and his sons. Strength of faith, for even though it appears to be endless torment for them both, she knows it will end. Not how it will end but that it will. (words are starting to fail me here there is so much more…)

Sigyn’s as protector of the very young.

This also hooks in to her Mother aspect. Mothers are all protective of children in some shape or form. They show this in many different ways. She made sure her sons where safe yet allowed them the ability to grow and find their own way. She was always there for them.

Sigyn’s as She who attends the hearth.

This came to me in a dream. If Loki is represented by the hearth’s fire who tends the fire? Sigyn fills that role to a t. She tends the hearth fire that is her husband. She makes sure he has what he needs. This one bleeds though her other aspects as well. You can see this in the bowl barer, the mother, all of them.


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