Mandolin Howls

Feeling Fenrir really badly right now. His dark depression is crashing over me in waves. His binding is different at least to me. I have always felt that it was not as others stated or wished to believe.

I believe he was bound my love, unconditional love of another. That is my thought.

For that thought I got the LORE quoted at me. Six impossible things my ass. I’ve seen breaded women so that is a LIE of being impossible, difficult mayhap but impossible not really.

People are unable to listen. I mean that read the words which is listening in a text based world. Read them, if you do not understand; ask fucking questions.

Now I have to deal with a darkness that dose not belong to me. One that He has lost me in countless of times. Yes I have been lost for days in his depression mandolin states. I am going to go listen to music and hope this dose not follow me in dreams. If it does, I am hunting the person who caused this down in dreams and giving him a few choice words.

I do not need this. I have enough problems without adding channeling or being a channel for a deity’s depression/rage/fill-in-the-blank-emotional-state.


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