Sigyn’s day 10

Today is day ten of the Sigyn‘s project. I have missed four days. >_> Life has been busy. A bit too busy. I sometimes need to slow down, set aside time. I got a snort for the thought of ‘make time’.

Today I wanted to talk about the mundane things I do that I feel honors Sigyn.

Yesterday was one of my fave things I do that I knows honors Sigyn. I went grocery shopping. I filled my pantry with food for my family. Home when I do things around the house. When I clean up the house I feel like I honor her and other goddess who govern domestic affairs of the home.

I can feel her with me as I clean around the house encouraging me as I clean. She knows how overwhelming these chores can be. How underrated these chores can be as well. So as I clean I feel I honor her and the rest. Today as I do my chores around the house I feel once again I am honoring Her and others. As I take care of my family I feel I honor Them.

Yes I feel you can honor the gods just from what you do everyday. Just living in their honor and being with honor in what you do you honor Them. Think about it. We represent Them, we are Them here on earth.


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