Good thoughts here. Truths as well.

"The Lokean"

…So, I have heard a rumor that to be Lokian in the AFA is to expect be “Blacklisted” by the community at large, this, from an acquaintance who found that folkbuilder who had once committed to perform his wedding rite backed out in order to visit Scandinavia instead.   Luckily, for this gentleman I was able to procure a list of names of Heathen/Asatru/Urglaawe clergy whom I have met in person/spoken to online who are wedding experienced and hold no such reservations towards Lokians or Rokkatuars in general (“Rokkr” meaning one who worships the “less fluffy” of the Gods, I suppose)

Up until recently, my fiancee and I have been keeping an eye on the larger communities of the the AFA and The Troth.   We also founded the only open hall in Pennsylvania (as far as we are aware) and run monthly rituals from our apartment to various Gods and Goddesses…

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