My Personal Answers to the Survay


Here are my answers to it. And yes there are three other questions. I am not posting those.  Enjoy my answers.

4. How long have you been Pagan/polytheistic?

Twenty one years.

5. What is your tradition (i.e. Wiccan, reconstructionist Heathen, eclectic, etc.)

Eclectic Dual Tradition Celtic-Norse.

6. Do you have any patron gods/goddesses or deities you are especially close to? If so, who are They?

I have a few. They claim me as family. They are as follows:Thor, Loki, Odin, Sigyn, Fenris, Morrigan, Brigid.

7. How do you define your own relationship(s) to the gods? For instance, do you view one or more of Them as your beloved or spouse, or are They more like parents to you? Do you consider Them friends, allies, mentors? All of the above? None of the above? How does this differ between various gods?

I have a family relationship with my gods. They are my parents, my uncles, my aunts, my cousins, my grandparents. There are others who are more guides mentors. All are scary. They know I do not want to be special even though they pointed out we all are special, for we have chosen to ‘listen’ to Them and herald Their call. I find them scary as the true unknown.

8. How do you define “piety” as it relates to Paganism/modern polytheism?

It is respect. Which is neither plain nor simple. Respect Them and learn. BE willing to listen. Know that not all book knowledge equals what They can teach us, if we are only willing to listen with open hearts and open minds.

9. Do you find this to be a useful or relevant term concerning your own relationship with the gods? Is it relevant to Paganism/modern polytheism in general?

It is useful, people seem to forget they also have programming deep set in them that they need to watch out for. We sit at Their feet. They teach us. Only if we are willing to listen. That in turn means They will awe us and put us on our butts/faces what ever They think we need to understand that They have power and we do not, at least not yet.


10. Is it possible to be pious without an established dogma or authority? Why or why not?

I believe one can. I try my best to show respect. To give them the dignity that They so rightly deserve. It is possible, one just has to work it in to one’s work. It is a thought process not just picked up but a learned thought process.

11. Is there anything you consider impious (i.e. behavior, modes of worship)? Why?

Impious to me is anyone lacking basic respect of another and their way of worship. We all interact diffidently. We all have our personal strengths and weaknesses. As long as we show love, respect and know that each of us has our own unique vision or way They have instructed us to behave, I think we all be fine than.

12. Are you for or against the establishment and observance of rules about piety in your particular tradition and/or within Pagan/polytheist religion in general? Please explain your response.

If there are house rules, of course they should be followed. Basic manners states that, but people lack even basic manners. One can also set up how it will work in their space. We have control over what is going on most of the time, or at least we can say, ‘These are the rules for their gathering/working. blot ect.” If another does nto agree or like it they can go their own way.

13. Further comments, thoughts, observances?

People have forgotten basic respect, manners and piety in their rush to embrace something that sings within their soul. Just because one faith uses something does not mean other faiths cannot use it either.


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