Magic needs intent in how to work. It is that intent that can be good or ill toward the magic user. So much truth in this. Needs to be posted.


Today I closed an oral examination on magic in Shakespeare and the Reformation time by suggesting to the student that nothing is ever wrong with magic. Rather, something is always wrong with the ones who misuse magic. So it all lies in the intent. If your intent is all right, then your magic is all right. This is a simple truth, and whose deeper understanding I must credit a very wise woman for; a woman who has inspired me, and whom I had the privilege to learn from and work with, namely, the well-reputed Scandinavian shaman and teacher Annette Høst. I can recall these words from her latest article on seidr, a form of Nordic shamanism: “Whether an act is harmful or helpful is determined by the intent of the practitioner, not by the method (A Journal of Contemporary Shamanism, Vol. 6, Issue 1, Spring 2013, p. 12).


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