Norse Genealogy

This this, I mean that this. Though there is one but I disagree with but the rest. This.

The Road to Hel

ImageI recently changed my name on Facebook to Edward Jotunborn ( feel free to hit me up). I had several reasons including not wanting to be found by some people but I soon realized that despite telling people I am done caring hat they think they continue to bring their hurt butts to me. But the good news is that having these discussions has deepened my knowledge of my ancestors as well as my beliefs. What I decided to do is create a list of the main Gods and Goddesses of the heathen pantheon and take a look at their genealogy. I am only picking this specific pantheon as it is where the most crying has come from.

  • Odin 100% Jotun: I may as well start at the top here. Odin’s father was Bor and his mother was Bestla. In the lore Bestla is directly called a jotun, Bor is…

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