Mother To The Dead… To our Children Still Born (and Still Loved) and those who left us before they were Held

This needs to be shared and spread around and well kept viral. Loss is loss. I wish more people would understand that.

The Ravens Breath

As Mother to the Dead Hel is given care of those children that are stillborn or lost in miscarriage. This for me gives great comfort as both one that does Her work and as one that has Survived 9 pregnancy losses – 8 miscarriages and one vanished twin. 1 in 4 women have survived this kind of loss and this month is pregnancy loss awareness month. No one ever teaches us how to grieve for a child we never held in our arms, no one talks about how to get through the whole thing. Its a death but its a largely unacknowledged death by most. but with the statistics being what they are I can almost guarantee that you know someone that has survived this loss. I would ask that we give offering to Hel for Her care and compassion for Her mothering to these lost children and for the…

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