Morning all. I am still feeling emotionally prickly so watch out. Yes I am still smoldering which should honestly worry people. I no longer get angry than cool off. I smolder for a long time. Which is partly why I am so sensitive toward personal stuff. If I feel like you are attacking my thoughts, words, feelings I will bite you. I will chew you up. Do not think for a moment I will not. For I will.

I do not treat other thoughts, feels or whatever like they are wrong. Their thoughts, feels or whatever are theirs, not mine. It is also how they see, feel, think about things. Why should I ask for anything less. When others try and act like I get less than that I get pissed off and rightfully so. I let their stuff go unless they act like their stuff is more important than mine.

It is that attitude that will cause a fight and for the monster I barely keep leased will come out.

So respect me and my thoughts and I will do the same. The moment you do not, do not expect me to do the same to you or to react kindly to your words for I will not.


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