Thoughts of the day

I still stumble along my path. I mean that too I stumble. The only thing I seem to be consistent at is being not consistent at anything. I am currently working on two stories. Gonna add a third one for Novel Writing Month in November.

Yes I made a writers’ blog. It is here if people want to see what I am trying to train myself to do.I love writing as much as I love photography. Both are amazing creative things and I am going to do both.

The URL:

Story one I am weaving is with a friend. It is going to have some past life stuffs. It should be quite good tough it is going to be a long time going. There are complete worlds and solar systems to create as well as history of worlds and all that. Gonna be fun if we do nto kill each other over our thoughts and ideas.

The secound one I am working on with the odd ball story or poem tossed in between for the flexing of the writing brain is featured on the other WordPress blog.

The third one is for national novel writing month. Not even sure what I am going to do for that one. I am thinking of doing a modern take on the Norse Celtic gods and their interactions with each other and mayhap the moral plane. Not completely decided yet. My other thought was to write an origin story on one of my past lives. 🙂 Have to decided yet will decide soon enough.


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