“We Are Our Deeds” Please STFU

Adventures in Vanaheim

I hate this phrase, let me tell you why.

It seems like I can’t pick up a Norse Paganism 101 book that doesn’t have this phrase in it, usually within a larger discussion of ethics. A person is their deeds, actions speak louder than words. Ultimately, what you do is what defines you. This is, of course, most often trotted out in response to Christianity’s (particularly Protestant Christianity) emphasis on belief.

Lately though, it seems like this phrase needs a few qualifiers:

“We are our deeds–unless you worship a god I don’t like.”

“We are our deeds–unless you’re Wiccan (then you’re just a fluffy bunny, HAHAHAHAHA!)”

“We are our deeds–until I commit a crime. Um, don’t pay any attention to that deed! I’ve done a lot for Heathenry, what have YOU done for Heathenry?”

“We are our deeds–but it’s okay for me to spread nasty rumours and outright lies about…

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