Magical Spell to Protect Yourself and Your Home from Unwanted Visitors Either Incarnate or Discarnate

Traditional Witchcraft and Occultism

Home Protection Spell

The following is pretty much a white witchcraft type of spell. There are more powerful methods of protection, which are used by black magicians, but this one is just very basic and is intended to ward of unwanted and unwelcome people who might come to your door or around your dwelling. It is, also, intended to ward off unwelcome spirits of any kind.

Here’s the scenario:  You have been experiencing unwanted visitors around your home, either of a discarnate or incarnate nature or both, and you want to guard your dwelling from any further intrusions.

The Procedure for Protecting Your Home from Unwanted Visitors of Any Kind

For best results, perform this spell on a  Sunday at sunrise  (or during the Planetary Hour of the Sun), during a Full Moon or Moon in Cancer.

The object of this spell is your dwelling and it is here that…

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