Fenris Day One

Today is the first day of December of the Gregorian calender. I need to do some research on what our Norse people would have called it. I know our Celtic peoples called it the month of the Elder moon which started November 24.

Today is the first day I speak of Fenris the great wolf. In the ‘Lore TM’ he is the great destroyer.

I believe he is much more than that. My belief is that Fenris is destructive change. He is Nature’s anger at being destroyed for no reason. He is the part of us all that screams ‘ENOUGH’. He is a driving force of change, real true, not always good for you at the moment but good for you when the dust settles change. He tears apart what is bad for us. He eats what is bad for us for the world so we can all grow like he does.

He also represents to me great sadness. He is the darkest melancholy within the soul. He is the untamed wild that Nature is. He also represents resentment of those who chain down one for no real discernible reason. He is the building resentment of that chaining.

To me the chaining of Fenris represents Man taming the wilderness. Or the thought that they have now tamed the wilderness, which they really have not. For when the chains break we realize that mankind can never tame the wild. We only have the illusion that we have. The illusion is very thin at the best of times. The breaking of the chains represent the violence that Nature cannot be boxed, chained up, or tamed by us.

He is also strength beyond ours. That is also within us.

Humanity seems to forget that we are animals just like the rest. Within us is our own wolf like Fenris one that was chained. We need to friend this part of our self or we will be destroyed by the frenzied madness of the breaking. If we friend this side of ourselves we can set it free.

He takes revenge on those that have harmed him. He does not feel bad for doing so. These people dishonored him. He had done nothing. He was imprisoned by what he might do, not what he had done.

Fenris represents to be freedom taken by our own power. He broke his own chains. He decided no more of this. Than he went to take care of the ones who dared to chain him in the first place.

Fenris: Rage, Vengeance, Depression, Freedom, Will to Fight, Rage, Nature’s champion, Forceful change, Revenge, Emotions

I always hate saying my thoughts’, ‘what I think’. When it should be quite oblivious that these are my thoughts about him. I do not know if they are shared. They are my thoughts and you can think what you wish.


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