Fenris five

I am going to talk about two things today. One was written yesterday while it was till in my head. The other was written on the fifth of December. Both where planned out yesterday. So enjoy my thoughts. These are my PERSONAL practices and thoughts. I do not know if others share them. I do not need for others to share them. That matters not to me if they are a shared vision or a personal one. So here you all go. As far as I know this is a personal one.


I was asked the other day how Fenrir could be Odin’s Grandson. According to my personal thoughts and dealings that is what They have told me. In other words it is my UPG, I do not know if others have these feels but I do. Loki and Thor are half brothers in my UPG. No this is not based on the comics. It is just something that has always felt correct to me. Their shared parent is Odin. Their Mothers are different which is why They are half-brothers. People can disagree if They with this is how They have presented Themselves to me and this is how I take Them. Which also means Thor is Uncle to all of Loki’s children.


I was only going to talk about his different names today. So you get two treats my thoughts on blood and his names.

Fenrir (Old Norse: “fen-dweller”) this name other than Fenris I use a lot. This is also one of the more recognizable of the spellings of the Great Wolf’s name.Naming conventions aside. This name is almost a reference back to his Mother. Though She lived in the Iron Wood.

Fenrisúlfr (Old Norse: “Fenris wolf”) This of course is just naming of Himself as Himself. Which personally I think is lazy naming really. But it is a true naming for it is his name and what he is. Heck I think it is a lazy naming and I am the one with a physical body right now.

Hróðvitnir (Old Norse: “fame-wolf”) Well this name makes sense for He is infamous and everyone knows who he is.  Who his Father is. Who is Mother is. They even think they know what his future is. I think They decided that They should know better and not that the future is changeable. I also think that the cycle is Christian in origin and not really part of anything that they truly are.

Vánagandr (Old Norse: “the monster of the river Ván”) Well he is what humanity would call a monster. He is usually seen in wolf form. He makes a lot of jortans look tiny with how huge he grows.

Well that is all with names and naming. Another note. When you name something you give it shape. You even  gain some control in your own mind over naming of what was named or the knowing of that name. It did not mean that the person or thing that was named is controllable. Just means you know the name and recognize what it is.


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