Fenrir 15

I was supposed to post this yesterday. I was distracted.

Fenrir as Wrath.

I have this thought that Fenrir is Wrath unleashed. He is the pure rage that is within all. He is Wrath, the unswerving vengeance against the wrong that was committed against the self. The Wrath against the wrongs committed on our person by other’s hands.

He is the final outcome of when the one who is wronged has had enough. When the one who is wronged strikes back against those that have committed harm against the personal self, the soul of the person. He is all the pent up trunked up rage erupting out of where ever the person sat on it at.

He is what drives Wrath. He lives within all. He is the Beast within that most fear. The one we chain and when those chains break, something wonderful and not wonderful happens.


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