Merry meet and welcome, this is my pagan blog one I am trying not to abandon. I have a few going. Two for photography (those are DUSTY). One for my writing (going strong right now).  This is my personal blog. My personal thoughts. My personal feelings and practices are within here. Everything is personal. I practice by myself.

I am a Celt-Norse tradition. There are other gods that come and go as well as stay. Most of my studying is in those two traditions.

My Family (for that is what they say I am. I am.)

Odin(Grandfather), Frigga(Grandmother), Thor(Father), Morrígan(Mother), Loki(Uncle), Sygin(Aunt), Brigid(Aunt), Angrbooda(Aunt), Oghrm(Uncle), Dagda(Grandfather), Fenrir(Cousin), Narvi(Cousin), Vali(Cousin), Hella(Aunt/Cousin), Jörmungandr(Cousin)

Other gods that call me.

Kali ma, Coyote, Wolf, Wren, the land spirits themselves, the people who died before me, The Warrior

This list can be added to at any time.


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