Ponderings and Poetry

Today is the day before the start of the month of Loki devotional that a new I hope maybe someday she can consider me this, friend is doing. I Have a poem for him I will post here and she will post there.

I am going to actually start using this more. I am not going back to LJ. Too much drama. Heck as of right now I am taking a break from Facebook. Too  much drama there. Why? People still seem to think they can police their friends. “I did not say that” gets said a lot. The acting like a person has no right to be angry or to express that anger so it does not hurt them is mind boggling. Or even to express the anger and not name names. I do not out the people I am angered with, they out themselves. If they just chill let the stormy one storm and not be so quick to defend themselves things would blow over quicker. And not need a month or more to cool off.

So Uncle wants me to start keeping this journal. Writing poetry and maybe even funny little short short stories, or not so funny short stories, I an unsure if I could write a funny funny short…

So here it will begin starting July 1. Month of Loki and his family.