Sigyn’s Day 14

Herself has asked for me to write more on the little short story that I wrote for her. She wants a novel. I am like ok. So for the cast.


Red haired daughter child of Thor/Morrigan









Odin (and his ravens and wolves)






And that is all for now. I get the feeling I get to personify Them within the con finds of the story. So that is for her she wishes to have it written.


Story thought: Thor brings his daughter by the Morrigan to his brother to raise. Sif will not allow the child in the house she does not care that it was by contract between he two families before she was ever in the picture. She does not want to raise anyone else’s children. So the daughter comes to Loki and Sigyn to be raised with their boys. This is a coming of age story filled with everyday magic.

Again the start…

Well I am not good at keeping journals up. I keep getting prodded to do this one. Was thinking of what to post. Than it came to me.

I have started to collect tarot and rune speads and writing them down. I think I will start posting what I learn from those here. I also need to study the runes and tarot more.

Get overwhealmed with that and college..

Also was informed I need to leard Irish language. So I am like O_O language… ok

So here is to me trying to fit it all in and NOT be a lazy ass, which I might add is easy.