Fenrir day ten

This is a personal story of how Fenrir met his sons for the first time. In my story their Mother is yet unknown to Fenrir he does not know her name. Only that she appeared to him as a beautiful white wolf. This is a personal story. This is UPG.


Fenrir was looking over his sons Sköll and Hati he looks up at his father. He knew what their names where the moment he saw them. He also knew they chase the sun and the moon. Mayhap not to eat them but because chasing things is fun and the fear was a bit addicting. He nose bumped one into the other. They rolled black and white furred. Hati looked like a smaller version of Himself Sköll looked like his Mother pure white.

“Who is their Mother Father?” Fenrir asked him, “why did you bring them to me and not her? I can smell her on them. The scent I should know it but it eludes my memory.”

“Your Grandfather brought them to me to give to you.” Loki looked at his son. “I do not know why he did that. He did and that is all I know.”

“Still makes no sense.” Fenrir pinned each one under a leg. “They are feisty like their Mother.”

Loki laughed at his son and his grandsons. “I am sure.” He pauses, “Fenrir where did you meet this wolf?”

“In the Iron Woods,” He licked his sons clean. Keeping them pinned he looked up at his father. “She was there in a field hunting. I watched her wondering how such a beautiful creature was not part of her own pack and leading it. She brought down a small dear and was eating it. I watched another creature come into the clearing only to realize she was much bigger than they were. She was about my size when I go bigger.”

Loki laughed a little bit, “I bet that predator that thought it could steal a kill from one wolf was surprised by her size.”

“I think he was. So I watched her. She was snowy white she looked like she belonged even farther north than what we where that the snow  would give her an advantage unlike the current weather.” He paused thinking and chewed on Sköll a little bit making him whine and settle down. Hati had fallen asleep under his father’s leg. “She honestly stood out against the green and brown of the woods. I was impressed by her movement.” He paused and looked a little embarrassed at his father. “Then I caught her scent. The wind had kept her scent away from me. All of a sudden it is blown in my face. My reason left me. I started to chase her.”

Loki smirked at his son. “Ah she was ready to be mated with and was unaware you were around or she would have bolted earlier without her deer kill.”

“So I let out a howl and the chase began.” Fenrir circled his puppies with his body they were both asleep. “She lead me on a merry chase Father. I have never worked so hard in my life to catch anything or anyone like I worked to gain her.” He wrinkled his nose, “it surprised me how much I wanted her. I am not usually moved so deeply. I just wanted her. So I caught her. I wrestled her. I won the wrestling match. I bested her in strength. We mated. It was everything I had been told it was. I was enraptured by it. She seemed to enjoy it as well. We curled up together after wards. Falling asleep together in the pine boughs.” He paused looking down at his sons. “I knew children would result from that. I was not thinking about that at the time. When I woke she was gone. Her scent lingered. If it had not I would have sworn she was a dream.”

Loki nodded, “Well my Son you have two fine sons from an unknown female wolf.” He caressed his son’s ears. “I love you Fenrir I am going back home now.”

“Good journey Father,” Fenrir put his large head over his boys and closed his eyes joining them in slumber.

“I think my son,” Loki spoke softly more to himself than to Fenrir. “I think I know who she is but without proof it is only conjecture.” His scarred lips smiled as he walked home carrying with him the wonderful site of Fenrir and his sons.