A written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, and views of its female author. May include themes of empowerment, independence, self love, consciousness, affirmation, and individual acceptance; your positive beliefs about yourself. Created to give self-described definition in regards to the innate beauty inside of every woman. Yes, even you.
I  an a good girl, though I refuse to behave myself. I will behave how ever I deem needed at the time. I have rage. I have anger. I express them as well for that is my right as a human being.I will laugh, cry, and carry on how I feel.

I do not allow others standers of their perception of why my beauty is supposed to be define me. I define me.  I am a beautiful woman. I have curves. I do not have a flat belly. I am of average hight. I have incredible dark hair. I look very sexy in my glasses. My clothing choices are all me and not something I just saw in a magazine.

I am bisexual, that does not mean that I am confused it means that I acknowledge unlike most that love takes on many forms both male and female.
I am creative. I take pictures. I paint. I write. I create new worlds.
My faith is Dual Tradition Celtic-Norse. I follow my linage and I am creating the way I engage with my gods and my forebarers. I embrace the gods and hold them high.
I believe everyone can lead a healthy life no matter what size they are and healthy dose not mean thin either.

I am a goddess.

I love yet hate the outdoors. Spiders are not my friends (allergies).
I do not fear handing anyone a jar I cannot open or asking for help when I need it.
I can and will do what I need for myself.
I hate cleaning house.
My sexuality is mine and no one can tell me how I may express it.
I will forgive myself. I deserve that. I deserve to no poison myself just because I have allowed others to harm me.
I will no longer resent the fact I have a monthly cycle, that I bleed for four days. I embrace the beauty of it. I embrace the diviness of the fact that I do bleed.
I am my own person, my life does not hang on the thoughts, feelings or emotions of others. It is my life and I live it, fully.
I will enjoy playing video games without being harassed over my sex. Or told that because of my sex that I will never be great.
I am the best thing that has ever happened to myself. I am also the best thing that has happen to the world. My belief, my rules.
I can and will have relationships with the people I want in my life and if they are toxic I have the right to leave them and not harm myself. My life is important. My relationships are important to. I will not allow toxic people to taint my soul.
I will embrace my emotions, my feelings.
I will embrace my own personal sexiness.
I will embrace my creativity and grow it.
I will embrace my instinct.
I will embrace my inner warrior.
I will embrace my inner child and let her run free.
I will embrace the madness, the craziness that is me.
I am who I am.
I will smile when I feel the need to. No one has the right to tell me I need to smile it is my choice and I will smile when I want to.
I am.



Sigyn’s day 11

As I start my day I go though my head what it is that I need to do. I look over what it is I have within my home. I am content. I feel as if she is more content now that my home, my kitchen has what it needs within it. She worries about the feeding of the people she cares for so her worry was my own worry.

Wednesday I am going to cook something in her honor. I think I am going to bake bread. That always makes her happy. Might even try something different. A different kind of bread. I think I will let her choose. It will make her happy.

Today is a cleaning day before class. Than it is a run around get stuff done before class. So I think I will write her a quick something.

Hearth and Home

The fire crackles within the huge stone fireplace. The flames dance as a small blond woman checks the stew she is brewing. It is the larger pot than she usually uses. Loki had asked her to make more than normal for his other two sons and daughter and his second wife where showing up today. He wanted them to meet. Sigyn checked the bread in the oven build in the wall next to the fireplace. She smiles the bread looks like it is almost there.

She looks around her home. It looks beautiful and lived in. It is clean but does not look as if dirt is unwelcome within her home. She has two sons and a husband dirt is always trailing about in her home. She still had not figured out how they trailed dirt around the way they did. It was a great puzzle for she did not trail dirt why did they?

She started on the pies she wanted to cook next. The pie was a berry pie; blueberry, strawberry, raspberry. She smiled at it as she finished off the crust trapping the almost overflowing berries within the pie itself. She placed it to cook next to the bread that was almost done.

She once again checked the table. She had it set for who was coming plus a few plates. Loki’s family would sometimes come by unannounced during dinner and Sigyn wanted them to feel welcome and wanted and not like intruders. She felt a tugging on her skirt.

“They should be here soon.” She smiled down at the little red curly haired girl in her care. Her hair was wild and untamable no matter what her and Sigyn’s tried to get it to behave. “Maybe a braid?” The little girl nodded. Sigyn followed the little girl over to the chair and footstool. She sat in the chair and the girl sat on the foot stool. The two wrestled with the girl child’s hair. She got it to braid with much fussing and trying. The little girl stood and hugged her. They looked at each other and smiled.

“My hair gives me just as much trouble.” She smiled at her foster child. “My hair is just as curly.”

They both giggle and than sit for there really was noting to do until the guests arrived.

Mandolin Howls

Feeling Fenrir really badly right now. His dark depression is crashing over me in waves. His binding is different at least to me. I have always felt that it was not as others stated or wished to believe.

I believe he was bound my love, unconditional love of another. That is my thought.

For that thought I got the LORE quoted at me. Six impossible things my ass. I’ve seen breaded women so that is a LIE of being impossible, difficult mayhap but impossible not really.

People are unable to listen. I mean that read the words which is listening in a text based world. Read them, if you do not understand; ask fucking questions.

Now I have to deal with a darkness that dose not belong to me. One that He has lost me in countless of times. Yes I have been lost for days in his depression mandolin states. I am going to go listen to music and hope this dose not follow me in dreams. If it does, I am hunting the person who caused this down in dreams and giving him a few choice words.

I do not need this. I have enough problems without adding channeling or being a channel for a deity’s depression/rage/fill-in-the-blank-emotional-state.