Narvi day 6

Children love to play. Narvi loves to play when he is in his child form. He loves all kinds of toys. He has no real preference for toys he just wants to play. He is a bit more active  if you live near water. He loves the water. Splashing in the water. Funning though the water. Collecting things off the ‘beach’. He loves the water.


Narvi Day Three

Now understand that this is my UPG. Mine. Personal. Do not know if others share it. Do not care. Personal. My UPG.

Narvi who has three forms to me. A small boy of about five. A young man about fifteen. A man of about twenty-four. His appearance is pale skin with golden hair bright green eyes. He has a lively laugh.

As a young boy is always ready to play. He loves the water. He dreamed of being a sailor captain on the great oceans that Ran and His Grandfather Njord presided over. He loves bodies of water. He loves to swim and sport in the water.

As a young man his blond hair looks tousled by the winds from the ocean and you can smell the brine on him. He has an easy but shy smile on his face at all times. His voice is soft and strong. He carries a net over his shoulder.

As a man the smell of brine surrounds him. He still has a soft voice yet he knows how to bellow over the ocean storms to be heard. His hair is still tousled by the wind. He looks quite lean and strong of body.

Fenrir day 7

These are my personal thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Today i think another story for Himself. He seems to like the idea.


I look over at my cousin. It is another day. I know Uncle is pleased to see him. Much like them all I hope the cycle is broken. I think it is though. I am here or was born I am not going to let my cousins get hurt. I am not going to let my family get destroyed. It is not going to happen. It is not needed.

What is truly funny about our woods that we live in. It marches with the Iron Woods. We share a border with those that are our friends and foes. Depending on the mood of their leaders. Though I confess they seem unable to find Uncle’s house. I think that has a lot to do with her.

Fenrir agrees with me he thinks it has to do with his mother the Warrior Queen Angrboda. She has taught us both to hunt. She has also taught Vali how to hunt as well. She seems to think that Narvi will not be bound for the forest, he is bound for the ocean. Which oddly enough we have a border with. The ocean is just over a hill on the south of us. We find Narvi there a lot playing in the tide pools and with his little toy boat.

So Fenrir and I go into the woods to hunt. We sniff the air. Looking for the scent of a deer or two. Maybe today we will get an elk. Alls I know is we need to get more than one for Fenrir is a hungry one. Though he does try to modulate his eating. I am wondering if that is a curse on him. I need to research. Sometimes I think She feels that too.

So we move thought  the woods like one body or even like a wolf pack. Something Vali pointed out to Uncle. Uncle smiled and told Vali not to say that when his Uncle Thor was present. Vali gave his Dad a look I understood why. I am sure my father has plans for my marriage or what not that do not include my erstwhile cousin. Handsome enough as he is.

Fenrir moves with a wolfish grace. His dark hair braided. His skin darker than mine by a shade or two. He always looks a bit tan to me. Fenrir sniffs the air and smiles. The air carries the scent of the elk to us. So we move catching site of the elk heard moving. There where three stragglers behind the heard. As one we raised our bows letting an arrow off. I got one. Fenrir got one and the last one I think he got, we both shot it mind you but Fenrir got the killing blow.

I was finding my cousin was always just a tiny bit better than me at somethings. Though he teases me that he could never be as good as I was being a woman. I rolled my eyes at him. I understood being a man. I can shift my shape much like Uncle can.

So we field gutted them and Fenrir ate the gutted inners but the things Sygins would want to make sausages. That made me smile. Fenrir carried two of them back. I carried one. Both of us could have carried all three on our own. We share the same strength. Though I do not think my cousin knows that.

At home we both skin them as they hang up blood dripping out of them being caught into large pails. I take the two skins from Fenrir he was quicker than I was. His skinning was quite good. Though he did make me feel slow. I took the skins and started the curing process. That would go on for a few days. And by the time a few weeks were done we have silky elk hides to do something with.

Sygins looked at the three elk. She than looked at us. “Good job. Two will have to be preserved, one we will eat today.”

We all smile at the thought of that.

“Go get Narvi you two.” Uncle asked us. “I know you are not in charge of him. Vali is out hunting a bit too and.” his voice trailed off. We both sighed and went to go fetch our cousin/brother from his date with the sea. The sea honestly seemed to love my cousin to bits. He never drowned. There was always a sea creature to help him. It was amazing.

So as we created the hill to watch the sea for a moment. We both took in a deep breathe and marveled at how the forest and sea smelled so delicious together. We finished walking down the hill. Fenrir grabbed my hand to hold it. he gave it a squeeze. He smiled.

He smiled a lot more lately or so my Uncle claimed. We walked the beach holding hands looking for Narvi. I spotted him he was playing with his boat in a pool of the sea. I mean that it was a pool, not a tide pool but a pool like area that the sea seemed to create just for Narvi and his boat to play in.

We come up to him. He picks up his boat and smiles widely at us. “Going back now?” He asked us. I let go of Fenrir’s hand in order to pick him up. He was so light weight. I worried about him some times, most of the time, make that all of the time.

“You know he can walk.” Fenrir pointed out to me as we walked back to the cabin. I was carrying an exhausted Narvi. Who was resting his head on my collar bone.

“I think Fenrir is jealous.” Narvi’s small voice chimed in. “He always glares when ever I climb in your lap or cuddle with you.”

I look over at Fenrir I detected a slight change of colouring but nothing that was a note worthy blush along his skin. Unlike mine super pale you embarrass me I will be the same colour as my red curly hair. “I do not think he is.”

“I do.”

I felt Fenrir glare over in our general direction. I am sure he was glaring at Narvi and not me. The weight of his glare was heavy. I just smiled down at Narvi. “I think I will cuddle with whom ever I want and who is brave enough to do so.” I informed them both.

Narvi giggled and Fenrir sighed and I found my self in a half hug the rest of the walk home with Narvi giggling in my arms,

December thoughts

This December I am going to do my best to do a devotional month to Fenris. The thought just came to me. I think I will spend the month of December honoring Fenris with poetry, short shorties, mini stories and thoughts on Himself.

My new years thing is starting in December of this year. In a way though it was started in November. And going by my Celtic blood that is the new year. 🙂

November I have written a poem a day thus far. I have fallen flat on my nation novel writing month plan though. I did write poetry every day though.

So here is the plan.

December- on this blog poetry, mini stories, thoughts and short stories honoring Fenris. On my writer’s blog a mini story a day. (I think I will break up my story I was trying to write in November and post what I have on my writer’s blog and break it in bits, see if I can finish it that way.)

January- on this blog I will do a month for Narvi. Same stick as Fenris. On my writer’s blog more of the same every day work on poetry and stories.

February- Vali

March- Jorgumand

April- Hela

May- Brigid

June- Morrigan

July- Loki

August- Sigyn

September- Oghma

October- Thor

All of them will be honored with poetry, stories, thoughts and other things.

I will be working in my writer’s blog too. Building my skills and my audience.


Sigyn’s day eighteen

Well sitting here waiting for my number to be called. Slow going. Today my thoughts turn toward Sigyn’s sons. I think I will do one today. One will be come the subject of the two mising day posts.

Today I want to ponder Vali. Sigyn’s eldest son. The one who would eventually accourding to lore who would be magiced and maddened into the form of a wolf and kill his brother than run off into the woods after. This is UPG so bare with me.

I see him as a young man in his mid-twenties. His hair shifts colour depending on his mood. I have felt the colours. Blonde, red, brown to black. His eyes to me are clear sky blue. He is tall, 6ft 6in.

I have felt that after being forced into the form of the wolf he ran off to the Iron Wood. Where She helped him return to himself.

He lacks people skills. He spends most of his time alone. His emotions are wild. He gets swept up in them. He will sweep you up in them as well.

He says he is a shifter like his father. He always loved the wolf form. The way it moves.

He loves his little brother and is greatful that Narvi is not angry about the death at his elder brother’s hand. He is very protective of his brother.

He much like his Mother has child and teen forms. Depends on what the person he is approuching or who is approuching him.

Well not sure what else to say about him. I will think about it and return to add more.