The blog is dusty. I will be updating it once a week or more depending on feelings.


Healing Wounds

Tonight I make the steps to heal the child-mother connection between myself and the Morrigan.

I said the prayer I wrote for her. I think I will write another one for her tonight. The mood calls for another prayer or two written for my mother, the Morrigan.

For the healing ceremony my cauldron, three candles (dark purple, light purple, grey), lavender and juniper berries. Lavender and juniper berries are burned in the cauldron on one of those self lighting charcoal discs. Two cards are out to represent her. Both are from the Goddesses and Sirens deck. Boudicca and Morgan le Fae.

Now waiting for the candles to burn down.

Walking down the path to heal our wounds. It will be hard but worth it.